Markus Pretnar

Prof. Markus Pretnar studied architecture at the Technical University Darmstadt. After one year as freelance designer in Warsaw/Poland and several cooperations (MMZ-Architects, Designafairs, Escape-Germany etc.)


He joined the inter-disciplinary design team 3deluxe in Wiesbaden. Here, the overlapping of genres has shaped his attitude in the training of future interior designers: In a team of specialists from different fields, interior designers are the experts for space, atmosphere and materials, and as such they have to assert themselves.


Since 2010 he teaches Spatial-Color-Science and Interior Design at the School of Design in Bachelor and Master classes at the University of Applied Sciences Mainz.


In his research, he focuses on the dependencies of coloring or color conceptions and socio-cultural identities of spatial environments and cities.


Workshop 15th–19th