Laura Federici

Laura Federici Visual Artist and an Architect. She has her Architecture Degree from La Sapienza and is a Professor at IED, The Istituto Europeo di Design in Rome. She is also part of the Faculty at the Academy of Fine Arts in Frosinone, where she teaches Graphic Design. In the past 15 years she has had Solo Exhibits in places as far as Aleppo, Syria, Hanoi and Ho Chi Min City in Vietnam, Changzhoq, China, Karachi, Pakistan, and then a little closer in London, N.Y.C, Paris and a string of cities throughout Italy. She created 12 animated sequences for the film “Un Amore” by Gianluca Tavarelli, which won the Nice-New York-San Francisco Film Festival Award in the year 2000.


Laura Federici’s, body of work debates the reality of urban lives and the relations which connect us to the environment showing how space affects our memories, creating a new language of forms and colours. Federi-ci’s blissful canvases draw the viewer in whether they depict the elevated highway running through Rome or the courtyards of the mosques in Damascus, effec-tively gripping our minds. Objects shown in detail or close-ups become anchors to hold on to, lest we get caught in contemporary ‘mobility’ and fall ill with di-sorientation.

They are rafts to get on to, when the fluidity of things make us all strangers, with no space to occupy.

(from the article by art critic Arianna di Genova)


“My work is about time.

A work about the repetition of the moment, about the creation of a new history. It is not a picture that I paint, it is a frame, a lightning of time”

Workshop 18th–19th October with Ewa Satalecka and Ketty di Tardo