Ewa Satalecka

Dean of The New Media Design on PJAIT


Ewa Satalecka is Professor at Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technologies

in Warsaw and leader of its motion typography class.


She represents Poland on the international forum of ATypI (International Typo-graphy Association). Satalecka organizes international design workshops, conferences,

and exhibitions of typography and information design.

Her work includes kinetic typography installations presented at the “Liquid Page” Symposium in Britain's Tate (2008)

and as a part of the international “Moving Type” Exhibition in the Gutenberg Museum, Mainz, Germany (2011). Edited by Satalecka: MOTYF2013, MOTYF2014, Fajrant (available on issuu, prized TDC 2012 certificate). Her articles were included in Very Graphic: Polish designers of the 20th Century, edited by Jacek Mrowczyk, (IAM, 2015) and 365xtypo: 365 stories on type, typography, and graphic design, edited by Linda Kudrnovska(Etapes, 2015).

Lecture on 23rd October


Workshop 18th–19th with Ketty di Tardo and Laura Federici