Anna Ciechanowicz

Anc Ciechanowicz – visual designer


Anc as a designer is attracted to the practical side of design, and believes that the work she does has the power to bring change and make others’ lives easier. Therefore, her interest focuses on reimagining health and public sector. Her wide range of design interests consists complex problem solving, innovation, design ethics and philosophy.


She likes to approach any new project as a person who knows nothing, and from there strives to reach a complete understanding of what it is she’s trying to accomplish. Through this process, she’s constantly trying to find the substance in things, because that’s where the truth in the matter lies, and for her, good design is all about showing this truth to the world.


Attended Aalto University in Helsinki (MA Degree), Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, RI, Pedagogical University of Cracow (BA Degree) and the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. Several years experience in graphic design, joined Fjord in 2015 in Helsinki, and moved to Fjord Berlin in 2016.

Lecture on 22nd October with Anna Ciechanowicz


Workshop 15th–19th with Anna Ciechanowicz